Our Vision

Sustainable development and management of mineral resources for national prosperity.

Our Mission
To facilitate the development, promotion and management of the mineral resources in a sustainable way in order to foster the economic growth of the country.
Our objectives
  • To develop and implement policies, legal framework and regulations to administer the development and sustainable utilization of the minerals potentials in South Sudan in order to promote economic growth.
  • To develop a sustainable mining sector in order to contribute to the economy of the Republic of South Sudan
  • Ensuring the restoration of land and resources affected by minerals development.
  • To adhere to international best practices of Health, Safety and Environment and respect for Human Rights.
  • To build the Institutional and Human Resources of the Ministry for effective, efficient and timely service delivery.
  • To establish mining infrastructure within South Sudan.
  • To negotiate and sign minerals contracts on behalf of the government.
  • To ensure all mining and projects are socially and environmentally assessed.
  • To supervise and monitor the work of the mining companies.