Application for license forms

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Application for Exploration License Guide
South Sudan MOM Mineral Title Spatial Import Template – Geographic DMS

106. FORM A-1 Application for Reconnaissance Licence
107. FORM A-2 Application for Exploration Licence
108. FORM A-3 Application for Small-Scale Mining Licence
109. FORM A-4 Application for Large-Scale Mining Licence
110. FORM A-5 Application to Relinquish Mineral Title Area
111. FORM A-6 Application to Enlarge Large-Scale Mining Licence Area
112. FORM A-7 Application to Extend Exploration Licence Term
113. FORM A-8 Application to Extend Mining Licence Term
114. FORM A-9 Application to Suspend Exploration Licence
115. FORM A-10 Application to Surrender Mineral Title
116. FORM A-11 Application to Consolidate Mining Licences
117. FORM A-12 Application for Mineral Title Transfer
118. FORM A-13 Application Exploration & Mining Agreement Negotiation
119. FORM A-14 Application for Retention Licence

120. FORM R-1 Receipt for Payment of Application Processing Fee
121. FORM R-2 Receipt for Payment of Licence Registration Fee
122. FORM R-3 Receipt for Submitted Report
123. FORM R-4 Receipt for Payment of Licence Conversion Processing Fee
124. FORM R-5 Receipt for Payment of Licence Transfer Processing Fee

125. FORM AT-1 Boundary Marker Placement Attestation
126. FORM AT-2 Attestation of No Mining Act Offence Penal Conviction
127. FORM AT-3 Attestation Legally Competent Individual without Conviction
128. FORM AT-4 Attestation to Accept Terms of Transferred Mineral Title

129. FORM L-1 Reconnaissance Licence
130. FORM L-2 Exploration Licence
131. FORM L-3 Small-Scale Mining Licence
132. FORM L-4 Large-Scale Mining Licence
133. FORM L-5 Retention Licence

134. FORM N-1 Notice of Fieldwork Commencement Exploration Reconnaissance
135. FORM N-2 Notice of Commencement of Mine Development
136. FORM N-3 Notice of Commencement of Mineral Production
137. FORM N-4 Notice of Design Capacity
138. FORM N-5 Notice of Encumbrance or Lien
139. FORM N-6 Notice of Intent to Permanently Cease Production
140. FORM N-7 Request to Minister for Permission to Revoke Mineral Title
141. FORM N-8 Notice of Demand for Final Documents
142. FORM N-9 Notice of Royalty Assessment Payment
143. FORM N-10 Notice of Annual Rent Return Payment

144. FORM AR-1 Reconnaissance Licence Annual Report
145. FORM AR-2 Exploration Licence Annual Report
146. FORM AR-3 Exploration Licence Annual Expenditure Report
147. FORM AR-4 Small-Scale Mining Licence Annual Report
148. FORM AR-5 Large-Scale Mining Licence Annual Report
149. FORM AR-6 Annual Employment and Training Report
150. FORM AR-7 State Mineral Resources Advisory Coordination Committee
151. FORM AR-8 Large-Scale Mining Licence Monthly Report

152. FORM I-1 Identification of Mineral Title Area

155. Royalty Rates by assessed Minerals

156. Designation of Mineral Title Area

157. Guideline for Exploration Licence Annual Report Organisation and Content

158. Mining Fees