Our Mission

To facilitate the development, promotion and management of the mineral resources in a sustainable way in order to foster the economic growth of the country.

Our Vision

Sustainable development and management of mineral resources for national prosperity.

Acting Director General of Planning, Training and Research

Name: James Yousif Kundu

Educational Background:

  • Certificate in Advance Mineral Exploration, Geological Survey of India-2009.
  • Diploma in Petroleum Policies, Resources Management, PETRAD, Stavanger in Norway-2007.
  • BSc in Geology-University of Juba, Sudan-1994.


  • Director of Geological Survey, Ministry of Petroleum and Mining (Ministry of Mining).
  • Acting Director General of Administration and Finance-Ministry of Petroleum and Mining.
  • Acting Director General of Mineral Development-Ministry of Petroleum and Mining.
  • Acting Director General of Geological Survey-Ministry of Petroleum and Mining.
  • Acting Director General of Energy- Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry.
  • Project planning and budgeting.
  • Mineral exploration.



  • Enhancing the Capacity of ministry staff.
  • Promotion of Research culture within MM.
  • Solicit funding for research projects
  • Coordinate the planning between MM and donor agencies
  • coordinate Training activities among  directorates and partners 
  • To establish Monitoring and Evaluation system
  • establishment of a runing statistcal, moniotring and evlusion system in the ministry 


•    Planning.
•    Training.
•    Research.
•    Project Monitoring and Evaluation

. Statistics